The automated warehouse for pallet loads is a complex and optimal solution for every storage need. It combines the racking, the stacker cranes, and the warehouse management processes. This system maximizes the use of available space because the stacker cranes are design to work in narrower aisles and at heights of more than 30 meters. Their speed of movement, both horizontally and vertically, along with their automated operating enable handling capacity and pallet extraction to be increased threefold. Stacker cranes are guided from above by a profile fitted on top of the racks, and from below by a guide rail anchored into the floor.

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  • Designed to work in very narrow aisles and at heights above 30 meters;
  • Triple the vertical and horizontal operation speed and the capacity of pallet extraction and handling;
  • The stacker cranes are guided by a profile fitted on the racks above the crane and by a rail anchored to the floor;
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