The Self-supporting system is a top-notch engineering achievement. Its most significant characteristic is that it does not require the existence of a building prior to construction, with all the reduction in costs that this implies. Here, the racks support their own weight, the product load and the asymmetrical loads applied from lifting devices as in a traditional warehouse. They can also withstand the weight of the cladding structure along with external forces (wind, snow, etc.).

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This type of warehouse is designed to work both at room temperatures and in cold conditions (freezer chambers). The height of clad-rack buildings is limited to the maximum height permitted in local regulations or to the reach height of fork-lift trucks or stacker cranes. Warehouses of more than 30 meters high can be built.


  • The racking storage system itself forms part of the construction of the building together with side and roof cladding;
  • The system does not need an already build warehouse;
  • Provides optimal use of available space;
  • Allows on each level to be stored pallets with different;
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